Greenbrier Summit Village Expansion Just Around the Corner

Greenbrier Summit Village will receive quite the enhancement in the next coming months. A number of new and exciting amenities are slated to begin construction in early spring 2012 and be completed before the summer rolls around. The expansion will be conducted in two phases and include a variety of activities for our younger guests, including play areas and a putt-putt course.

Coupled with the ever popular Summit dining experience, the existing Activities Barn, infinity pool, outdoor amphitheater and events glade, Summit Village attracts a diverse group of families seeking secluded, yet picturesque, homesites that feature spectacular mountain views within close proximity to private amenities.

“These new additions at the Summit will only enhance that neighborhood’s desirability and add more family fun at the top of the mountain,” says Larry Klein, Vice President and General Manager of The Sporting Club.

• 9-hole miniature putt-putt
• Play area for younger children
• Future expansion for spray park and
expanded play areas

Call today to learn more about our real estate offerings at Greenbrier Summit Village and to speak with a sales executive – 888.741.8989.

Homebuyers See a Little Spring in their Step

As The Greenbrier Sporting Club realizes a real estate purchase nearly every two weeks, the buzz continues to grow as our sales executives have recently been holding private parties at members’ homes to introduce selected guests to some of our featured home and homesite listings. With homesites starting at $300,000, a bevy of positive news throughout the resort and development over the past month, including the final plans for The Greenbrier Medical Institute – a world-class medical destination, The Greenbrier leaves other real estate developments behind in its push to continue building more exciting amenities. Ultimately, our resort community undoubtedly offers the finest in luxury and quality to its residents and guests.

“These private home events are ideal for buyers looking to have the buying experience personalized just for them,” says John Klemish, Broker in Charge and Adviser to the President. “When they visit to look at real estate we are better able to customize their itinerary around their sporting and leisure interests. In the end, buying real estate at The Greenbrier comes down to building something you can call your own but with over 230 years of history and luxury as a backdrop. And the big white hotel with over 50 amenities and 6,750 acres helps a little bit as well.”

This April 12th The Sporting Club will be hosting a private event in Washington D.C. in association with Mark Lowham and five of his Sotheby’s International Realty agencies throughout the Capitol and northern Virginia region. The event will showcase selected properties available at the renowned resort as well as provide a taste of the Sporting Life as Executive Chef Stephen Gustard prepares classic American fare. (For more information about the event, call our sales office at 304-536-7792.)

As spring turns into summer, GSC begins to enter its busy season and with so many great buys on the market right now it appears poised to have another exciting year. Last year, we saw almost $34 million in real estate purchases and with the future of the resort and the club free of debt and looking brighter than ever, we foresee another great year full of excitement and energy.

Call today to learn more about our real estate offerings and to speak with a sales executive – 888.741.8989.

The Shebby Family: In Their Own Words

Chris and Audrey Shebby are longtime fans of The Greenbrier resort, even becoming engaged here. Today, they own a home in our Howard’s Creek neighborhood and enjoy living the sporting life with their two young children when they visit. Learn more about the Shebby’s and their decision to create their own legacy at America’s Resort below…

Chris & Audrey Shebby

Charlotte (5) and Christopher (3)

Primary Home:
McLean, VA

Chris is in investment banking while Audrey is a career sports publicist on a “mommy break”

Activities Of Interest:
Golf, tennis and exploring the mountains with our family

Q: How did you first become aware of The Greenbrier and our real estate opportunities?
A: We are long time Greenbrier resort fans. We were even engaged at The Greenbrier, so we were intrigued that there was an opportunity to purchase real estate at The Greenbrier that also featured separate incredible club amenities like the members’ Summit Lodge, golf, tennis, etc. It was the perfect blend of historic south meeting a sort of Jackson Hole feeling. The added bonus—it’s only a 3.5 hour drive from our home outside D.C.

Q: What attracted you to become a member at The Greenbrier Sporting Club (GSC)? What were you looking for in a club?
A: We love that the Sporting Club has managed to be “best in class” in so many things…golf, tennis, fishing, riding. We also knew we desired a second home that was in driving distance to where we live. The Sporting Club made perfect sense.

Q: What do you feel GSC offers that other communities do not?
A: The Sporting Club is unique. You walk into the various buildings and you feel like you are out west, yet you can access the amenities of The Greenbrier resort with its rich history and Dorothy Draper furnishings. You have the opportunity to experience two different resorts at once. I would say that is unique.

Q: How often does the Shebby Family visit The Greenbrier and The Greenbrier Sporting Club?
A: We try to go as much as possible!

Q: What do you and your family enjoy doing while you’re home at The Sporting Club?
A: The kids are in the pool and horses phase, which is a lot of fun for all of us. My husband loves playing golf both on The Snead as The Old White TPC.

Q: What legacy do you hope to create with your family at The Greenbrier Sporting Club?
A: We hope to teach our children to enjoy and respect the outdoors and hopefully create many happy memories for many, many years to come.

New Home Construction on the Rise at Sporting Club

New home construction is at a steady pace this year with eight new homes currently being built and another eight currently under review with the Architectural Review Board (ARB). With per square foot building costs at their most modest level in years, many lot owners are taking advantage. The increase in construction, well above last year’s numbers at this time, is building energy at the resort and throughout the club.

Ranging from vernacular mountain estates located in The Ridges neighborhood to classic fairway homes along The Snead golf course, The Greenbrier Sporting Club looks forward to adding these to the 188 completed homes located across 6,750 acres of the the property.

Building a home at The Greenbrier Sporting Club involves a number of principals, from architects and builders to landscape and interior designers. Each of these firms are carefully vetted and approved by the development and represent the finest professionals in the industry. Many home builders use local artisans and craftsmen when customizing their home — everything from hand-hammered copper range hoods to stained glass doorways and transoms.

To learn more about building your home at The Greenbrier, visit our Design Guidelines.