Real Estate Sales Jump in 3Q

Interest rates remain low, and with general excitement bubbling at The Greenbrier our third quarter went out with a bang here at The Greenbrier Sporting Club. The influx in home purchases coincides with increased home construction throughout the country.

Since the PGA tournament over July 4th, more than 12 homes and homesites have been put under contract, bringing our 2012 average to one home purchase every 13 days. That number is in line with last year’s average and a beacon that our market is solid.

Buyers continue to purchase homesites with intention to design and build their dream home at The Greenbrier Sporting Club. There are currently 11 homes under construction across the community with another 6 house plans being reviewed by the Architectural Review Board.

“Seldom before has there been such a perfect time to purchase a homesite and build your dream house,” says John Klemish, Broker and Adviser to the Chairman. “With low interest rates, construction costs down and lot prices at 2001 levels, the time is now and the place is The Greenbrier.”

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Competitive Rates Attract Homebuyers

The Greenbrier Sporting Club bank affiliates offer competitive rates on the purchase of a home or homesite as well as construction loans. These lenders understand the uniqueness of our buyer and are able to customize programs to fit special situations, particularly affluent mortgages and financing for JUMBO Purchase Transactions on Owner Occupied Properties. If your situation includes a trust, general partnership or closely held corporation then our lender affiliates can help. Many have extensive backgrounds in customizing solutions to fit specific and unique situations. Our mission is to help you find the right property and the best financial services to meet your needs. Call us today at 888.741.8989 to find out more.

SOME CURRENT RATE OFFERINGS*: • Lot loan 5/1 ARM at 4.25% or fixed rates starting at 3.875 % (15 year) • Fixed rate Lot Loan between $650,000 and $1 million starting at 4.0% Jumbo Loans (above $417,000 up to $2,000,000): • 30 year fixed rates as low as 3.875%.with zero points • 15-year year fixed rate at 2.000% with zero points • 10/1 ARM at 3.125% with zero points (amort over 30 years) • 7/1 ARM at 2.625% with zero points (amort over 30 years) • Treasury 5 year ARM reprices after 60 months at index + 2.75% (2.70% APR) • Treasury 10 year ARM reprices after 120 months at index + 2.75% (3.175% APR) • Conventional 15 year fixed rate mortgage 3.0% • Fixed rate, 5-year term, amortized over 15 years 2.20%

All rates quoted above are based on an 80% LTV. Credit and collateral are subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply. Programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice due to market fluctuations. Equal Housing Lenders. * Rates quoted are an aggregate of information from a variety of lenders and may contain outdated information. Always verify the current rates and terms with financial institutions. This content is provided solely

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The Perkins Family: In Their Own Words

Robert and Carol Perkins recently purchased a new home in the White Sulphur Hill neighborhood and are loving the fall season here at The Greenbrier. Learn more about the Pe rkins and their decision to create their own legacy at America's Resort below…

Robert & Carol Perkins
Martha Perkins (48), Anna K. DeCordova (47), and Robert Mark Perkins, M.D. (46)
Primary Home:
White Sulphur Hill 61 ~ Originally from Millbrook, New York
Activities Of Interest:
Fishing, Hunting, Golf, Tennis, Gardening, Skiing, Travel, Reading, Hiking

Q: How did you first become aware of The Greenbrier and our real estate opportunities?
A: On a trip to Augusta National, over four years ago. Our first trip to The Greenbrier, however, was in 1978.

Q: What attracted you to become a member at The Greenbrier Sporting Club (GSC)? What were you looking for in a club?
A: We were really drawn to the quality of amenities and the unusual home ownership arrangement, in that it was “fee simple.” Also, the shared combination of the hotel and Sporting Club as well as all of the members themselves.

Q: What kept you looking at property at GSC over the years as opposed to other communities?
A: A number of things—access to large space, architectural designs, extremely high quality food service and scenic surrounding, expecially the fact that this area enjoys all four seasons. No other community we are familiar with offers the variety of amenities and service to homeowners in conjunction with privacy and security.

Q: How often did the Perkins Family visit The Greenbrier and The Greenbrier Sporting Club before purchasing your new home?
A: We visited seven different times in the past four years.

Q: What drew you specifically to your home purchase in White Sulphur Hill?
A: The location and close proximity to the hotel as well as the architectural design of the home.

Q: What influenced your decision to make The Greenbrier Sporting Club your new permanent home?
A: Well, it's geographically similar to our previous farm home of 35 years up in New York. There's also a considerable tax and operating expense relief. Overall, however, we had a desire for new beginnings late in life.

Q: What legacy do you hope to create with your family at The Greenbrier Sporting Club?
A: That the family gatherings will create enduring memories.

The Greenbrier Sporting Club is a private residential sporting community and equity club on the 6,750-acre grounds of the legendary Greenbrier, developed by the Greenbrier Hotel Corporation. Members enjoy access to an array of private amenities including a Members’ Lodge, award-winning golf at The Snead – an 18-hole Tom Fazio-designed golf course, Eastern-inspired spa (Ananda in theAlleghenies), full-service equestrian center, sports complex with infinity pool, indoor squash courts and 25-foot climbing wall. Members also indulge in exclusive mountaintop amenities at Greenbrier Summit Village and so much more. Home ownership at The Greenbrier Sporting Club also means complete access to more than 50 amenities and activities at The Greenbrier resort, including three championship golf courses, The Greenbrier, The Old White TPC and The Meadows.


Jim Hardy Short Game Wizardry

Robbie Gilmore, Jr.
Golf Professional at The Greenbrier Sporting Club

In mid-August, I hosted a golf school featuring Jim Hardy and Krista Dunton. We had a total of 13 students and I truly believe each one of them left here, after two days of hard work, extremely pleased with the progress they made. I, for one, felt like I learned as much as anyone.

View Robbie’s video demonstration of the right hand drill

When discussing pitch shots, I have always heard ‘bounce is your friend’ and Jim Hardy takes this to a new level. The ‘bounce’ on a wedge is defined by the angle of the sole of a club in relation to the clubface. There are low-bounce wedges and high-bounce wedges. In a perfect world, you should have at least one of each in your golf bag.

Having bounce on a wedge enables you to hit pitch shots into a green without digging or stubbing the shot. I feel certain all of us have ‘chilly dipped’ a shot before and occasionally follow that up with a ‘skull.’ The bounce works like a rudder on the bottom of your club, which assists in gliding the club through the grass without the leading edge grabbing.

To use the bounce properly, you must return the club to the same set up position or slightly beyond. If you lead too much with your left side (for a right handed golfer), this is impossible. Jim Hardy suggested I use a drill hitting pitch shots with just my right hand, keeping the face open all the way through the shot. This was an amazing discovery for me. The next step is to add the left hand back on the club. Now, in hitting a pitch shot, I must feel as though my left hand is slightly cupped at impact.

This may sound a bit confusing. Please stop by if you would like further explanation, as it will only take a couple of minutes. As I have said many times before, the most empowering piece of advice I ever received was when Mr. Hogan, at the age of 74, once told me, “I love this game so much because I learn something every day!” I definitely learned something and you will too if you join us at the next golf school!

2012 Tentative Schedule of Golf Maintenance
Please contact The Greenbrier Sporting Club Pro Shop for further details at 304-647-6114.

October 9, 10 > Course closed for heavy greens aerification & topdressing, & verticut tees
October 22 >>>> Front nine closed for fairway aerification
October 23 >>>> Back nine closed for fairway aerification