The GSC Honored with Two Awards at the 19th Annual Luxury Real Estate Conference


Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate’s Annual Fall Conference took place from Sunday, October 5th to Wednesday, October 8th in Boston, Massachusetts at The Fairmont Copley Plaza. The Greenbrier Sporting Club was honored with two prestigious awards including the Outstanding Development award, which is given to the Luxury Real Estate member representing an exceptional development, and John Klemish, Adviser to the Chairman and Broker-in-Charge at The Greenbrier Sporting Club, was presented with the Billionaires Club award, which is given to those individuals who have sold at least $1 billion in real estate throughout their successful career.

The Fall Conference is hosted by Luxury Real Estate Chairman/Publisher, John Brian Losh, and is one of four annual invitation-only events that bring together the most prominent luxury brokers from across the globe to discuss current real estate trends. Keynote speakers included Kipp Bodnar of HubSpot, who discussed inbound marketing principles and tactics, and Kermit Baker from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, who shared insight on current housing trends.

Members of the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate network participated in expert panel discussions on a diverse range of topics including working with international buyers, the latest technologies to win and market a listing and cultivating your network. More targeted discussions were led by Luxury Real Estate members and partners, including John Klemish of The Greenbrier Sporting Club who shared insight on marketing a lifestyle for resort destinations. Other presentations included negotiating from a number of different perspectives, technology tips to sell more real estate, current findings on Chinese real estate investment, how to find and activate the top 1%ers and tips on growing your business to the next level while keeping a healthy work/life balance.

Winter 2014 Real Estate News


2013 was another exciting year. Last year brought excellent growth to our community, including 30 real estate transactions (11% increase from 2012) with a total sales volume just over $26 million. The average home price was $1,453,692 and the average homesite was $437,911. Part of this growth can be contributed to three developer-owned model homes built in our Greenbrier Summit Village neighborhood located 3,300 feet atop Greenbrier Mountain.

These three homes, Greenbrier Summit Village 19, 46, and 48 were designed by E.L. Roach Architects and built by The Pinnacle Group, Inc. and are each stunning examples of living at the pinnacle of luxury (no pun intended). John Klemish, Advisor to the President and Broker-in-Charge, states that, “I receive calls from other communities and developers all the time asking me how we do it and why The Greenbrier Sporting Club is so ‘hot.’ I tell them to come take a look as seeing is believing. Once here they all believe. Heck one was so impressed after his tour that he and his wife even bought a house. Now that’s a testimonial! I am already in the planning stages to start three more model houses in the spring of 2014. The future is now and the place is The Greenbrier.”

The Greenbrier Sporting Club already has five real estate transactions on the books for 2014 and despite the bouts of cold weather that Mother Nature has dealt the east coast, we are pleased to see guests taking advantage of The Greenbrier’s Discovery Series themed weekends to experience this lifestyle during our shoulder season.



Above photo courtesy of Mike Wyatt at Greenbrier Photography

Real Estate Sales Jump in 3Q

Interest rates remain low, and with general excitement bubbling at The Greenbrier our third quarter went out with a bang here at The Greenbrier Sporting Club. The influx in home purchases coincides with increased home construction throughout the country.

Since the PGA tournament over July 4th, more than 12 homes and homesites have been put under contract, bringing our 2012 average to one home purchase every 13 days. That number is in line with last year’s average and a beacon that our market is solid.

Buyers continue to purchase homesites with intention to design and build their dream home at The Greenbrier Sporting Club. There are currently 11 homes under construction across the community with another 6 house plans being reviewed by the Architectural Review Board.

“Seldom before has there been such a perfect time to purchase a homesite and build your dream house,” says John Klemish, Broker and Adviser to the Chairman. “With low interest rates, construction costs down and lot prices at 2001 levels, the time is now and the place is The Greenbrier.”

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Purchases at The Greenbrier Sporting Club Stay Strong for 2010

The sales season at The Greenbrier Sporting Club is winding down as we prepare for the winter, and to date there have been 35 properties that have been purchased or gone to contract in 2010. As the economy begins to recover nationwide, The Greenbrier resort and The Greenbrier Sporting Club continue to offer the best value in resort living.

Our sales team has been hard at work this year. The addition of the Casino Club and the grand success of The Greenbrier Classic dovetailed perfectly into a fall season that found families from around the country purchasing properties at The Greenbrier Sporting Club. In all, over $30 million in real estate purchases were contracted by the end of the year. We continue to see resale closings outpace developer by more than 6 to 1. Since inception of The Greenbrier Sporting Club, there has been over 600 real estate transactions totaling over $460 million and current membership stands at 393 active members, representing over 30 different states and Canada. Needless to say, our community is vibrant and growing, and we look forward to what 2011 will bring!

Greenbrier Sporting Club Shows Strong Sales So Far in 2010

As of Labor Day weekend The Greenbrier Sporting Club has written 25 contracts worth approximately $20 million since the beginning of 2010. While the new casino and The Greenbrier Classic pulled in big numbers of guests and created a lot of enthusiasm for the resort, the market here continued to be one where buyers could find incredible value.

“I feel confident in saying that we sold more high end real estate than any other community in America in 2010,” says John Klemish, Adviser to the President and Broker in Charge. “ When considering the amenities, history, location, proximity to major U.S. cities, new flights into Lewisburg and the deep pockets of the developer, we have no peer in America. To live at The Greenbrier is to live in the lap of luxury.”

Good things continue across the horizon for The Greenbrier and The Greenbrier Sporting Club; with interest rates still at historic lows and real estate prices at 2002 levels, the market continues to be advantageous for buyers. If you’re thinking of buying property at America’s Resort, NOW is the time to buy.

Never a Better Time

All amenities are open. More are being built. The Casino Club at The Greenbrier opens next month. The Greenbrier Classic, the newest professional golf event, is coming in July. Home prices are more attractive than ever. Daily flights from New York and Atlanta have arrived. And still we could go on and on about even more exciting developments taking shape at America’s Resort, The Greenbrier.

You know all about The Greenbrier. But, did you know that buying real estate at our 6,500 acre resort property offers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of history as The Greenbrier pivots into a new era of luxury hospitality, one steeped in more than 230 years of entertaining presidents and royalty?

Since last year, 35 real estate deals have closed. January 2010 saw an all-time record, since the Sporting Club’s inception, for that month in real estate purchases.

Just last week a report from Housing Watch noted that industry experts are forecasting mortgage rates could fall to 4.5 percent over the next few months, providing historic opportunities for which many buyers have been waiting.

With all of this happening, and all that is about to happen, the proverbial train is pulling out of the station, full of steam and ready to push forward into a new era of living at The Greenbrier. As you know, the best options go first, and the worst go last, so if you have ever flirted with the idea of owning real estate at The Greenbrier, the sense of urgency will never be higher than the upcoming summer months.

We hope to see you soon, and encourage you to contact us today to schedule a real estate tour tailored to your own needs, so that you can take the first step in creating your own legacy, one that will last for generations to come.

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