Thank You from The Houston Texans

Thank You from The Houston Texans

The floods in Texas heavily impacted the Houston Texans, who called The Greenbrier home for three weeks during their Training Camp at The Greenbrier Sports Performance Center this past summer. More than half of the players and operational staff of the Texans were affected by the waters.

They wish to thank The Greenbrier Family for their support during Hurricane Harvey. We raised approximately $12,500 for their Employee Fund and will continue to accept donations on their behalf.

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If you would like to donate to help those extended family members get back on their feet, checks can be made payable to: “The Houston Texans” with “Flood Relief for Employees” indicated on the subject line. Texans representatives have promised that 100% of the money raised will go to those staff members in need. Checks can be mailed to:

Habibi Mamone
300 West Main Street
White Sulphur Springs, WV 24986

Everyone at The Greenbrier Sporting Club sends prayers and best wishes to the Houston Texans and everyone impacted by the recent devastating floods.

Bubba Watson Makes His Home at The GSC

Bubba Watson Makes His Home at The GSC

Greenbrier Sporting Club Members Bubba and Angie Watson discuss what they love about living the sporting life, and the importance of creating a legacy for generations to come.

Fly Rod Chronicles Reflects on 2016 Flood

Fly Rod Chronicles Reflects on 2016 Flood

Recovery in Southern WV!


Join Curtis Fleming of Fly Rod Chronicles as he looks back at the 2016 flood and how much progress is being made around Southern WV, including White Sulphur Springs and The Greenbrier. Back in the fall, Curtis and Jacob Ott, Director of Outdoor Pursuits/Naturalist at The Greenbrier Sporting Club, took Wes Phillips out on a local fishing trip. This was Wes’ first time fly fishing and also his first time out fishing since he lost everything in the flood. This episode shows how devastating the flood was, how resilient West Virginia’s are, and how much progress has been made in recovery efforts.



Catch the episode on the Outdoor Channel:
Friday, March 24th at 7:00 am
Saturday, March 25th at 1:00 pm
Sunday, March 26th at 9:30 am




Buddy the Rescue Horse

Buddy the Rescue Horse

EmaciationOn November 3, 2015, The Sporting Club Equestrian team rescued a horse found in deplorable conditions by Dawn Holliday, Assistant Stable Manager. Dawn discovered Buddy in a makeshift, boarded-up stall in a small garage, with only a small shaft of light through which he could see, neither food nor water, his hair matted thick with filth. “Dawn had brought Buddy to my attention. I saw he was in really bad shape and that we needed to do something about it,” stated Nancy Johnson-Gilmore, Equestrian Manager.

Nancy made an offer to the owner; if he agreed to give the horse to The Greenbrier Sporting Club, authorities would not be contacted. “With my experience as Equine Inspector for the State of Georgia, I’ve found that the vast majority of [people with neglected animals] are ignorant as far as how to take care of a horse. They become overwhelmed and ignore the problem,” explained Nancy. The staff was taken with how sweet and trusting Buddy’s nature was; the only struggle they had, which came as no surprise, was loading him into the trailer for his move to his new home.

After Buddy’s arrival to The Equestrian Center, the task of restoring him to health began. He was covered in his own manure, which took two hours of soaking just to break through the matted hair enough to not damage his skin. Buddy never fought, he “stood there like a real champ,” said Nancy. When finally clean, they could see how very skinny Buddy was. Over the following three months his weight was brought back to normal with a gain of approximately 300 pounds, “You don’t want to overload them; they are sensitive. It’s best to move slowly and consistently,” Nancy clarified. The veterinarian was called in to give Buddy all the basics he never had: vaccinations, deworming, etc., and kept him in his stall for a few days to familiarize him with the surroundings. “We were very impressed with his intelligence and his manner around people,” Nancy continued, “It is quite a testament that he came out of that retaining his trusting nature.”

Before and After

It is clear these ladies’ hearts were quite impacted by Buddy’s turnaround as they shared memories, “The first time he got to eat grass,” Dawn reflected, “Yes, I think we were all crying,” responded Nancy. “He was in heaven,” Dawn observed. The group shared a video of Buddy running for the first time in The Equestrian Center’s arena. Kelley Adkins, Stable Assistant, who has trained him for three months, was amazed with how easy it was; he is a quick learner, smart.

For now, Kelley is still training Buddy. The plan is to take him up to The Summit in the spring, with other Sporting Club horses, to start him out as a guide horse; this gives him the advantage of gaining experience before taking on novice riders. “Buddy the Rescue Horse” is truly a success story, says Nancy, “Not only was he rescued and brought back to health, but he now has a purpose in life.”

Nancy with Buddy

Meet The Smoltz Family!


Greenbrier Sporting Club Members John and Kathryn Smoltz love the best of both worlds at The Greenbrier. They love the personable staff and peaceful way of living, while at the same time enjoying an active sporting lifestyle with their home at The Greenbrier Sporting Club.

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Meet The Bennett Family!



This summer, we asked Greenbrier Sporting Club Members Robert & Julie Bennett to share how they found their ideal spot to escape and relax along the lush fairways at The Greenbrier, and how they cherish the new friendships they’ve made at The Greenbrier Sporting Club. We would like to now share with you. Click below to view their interview!