A New Year, A New Lifestyle, A New View From Your New Home

The Greenbrier Sporting Club is where family legacies are born. Through revered sporting traditions, our resident members strengthen family bonds daily on the grounds of America’s Resort.

In the hopes of inspiring new family adventures and memories to come in 2009, we present a look back at some of the events and activities that made up a Life, Well Played for our resident members in years past.

We look forward to a new year at our esteemed estate, to building family legacies and creating new memories at The Greenbrier Sporting Club.

Something WILD & WOOLY at GSC

During the month of October we caught a very curious looking wildlife photo from off of a trail camera. Take a look at the video and post a comment to let us know what you think it is.

Welcome to The Ridges

This video profiles The Ridges on Greenbrier Mountain. Certainly a unique offering to discover your luxury mountain home.

Welcome to Oak Hollow

This video profiles Oak Hollow, one of the distinct neighborhoods at GSC with pre-approved home designs.

Life on Howard’s Creek

In this video, Howard’s Creek resident Dennis Kass discusses what life is like for he and his family at The Greenbrier Sporting Club.