Robbie Gilmore, Jr.
Golf Professional at The Greenbrier Sporting Club

In mid-August, I hosted a golf school featuring Jim Hardy and Krista Dunton. We had a total of 13 students and I truly believe each one of them left here, after two days of hard work, extremely pleased with the progress they made. I, for one, felt like I learned as much as anyone.

View Robbie’s video demonstration of the right hand drill

When discussing pitch shots, I have always heard ‘bounce is your friend’ and Jim Hardy takes this to a new level. The ‘bounce’ on a wedge is defined by the angle of the sole of a club in relation to the clubface. There are low-bounce wedges and high-bounce wedges. In a perfect world, you should have at least one of each in your golf bag.

Having bounce on a wedge enables you to hit pitch shots into a green without digging or stubbing the shot. I feel certain all of us have ‘chilly dipped’ a shot before and occasionally follow that up with a ‘skull.’ The bounce works like a rudder on the bottom of your club, which assists in gliding the club through the grass without the leading edge grabbing.

To use the bounce properly, you must return the club to the same set up position or slightly beyond. If you lead too much with your left side (for a right handed golfer), this is impossible. Jim Hardy suggested I use a drill hitting pitch shots with just my right hand, keeping the face open all the way through the shot. This was an amazing discovery for me. The next step is to add the left hand back on the club. Now, in hitting a pitch shot, I must feel as though my left hand is slightly cupped at impact.

This may sound a bit confusing. Please stop by if you would like further explanation, as it will only take a couple of minutes. As I have said many times before, the most empowering piece of advice I ever received was when Mr. Hogan, at the age of 74, once told me, “I love this game so much because I learn something every day!” I definitely learned something and you will too if you join us at the next golf school!

2012 Tentative Schedule of Golf Maintenance
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October 9, 10 > Course closed for heavy greens aerification & topdressing, & verticut tees
October 22 >>>> Front nine closed for fairway aerification
October 23 >>>> Back nine closed for fairway aerification