The Greenbrier Sporting Club offers a range of shooting and hunting activities for our members.

At The Greenbrier Sporting Club our members and their guests have access to a wealth of shooting and hunting opportunities. The shooting sports are a large part of the sporting life and we have several options on property for our members. The Greenbrier Gun Club has trap, skeet, and sporting clays, and is the main venue for the shotgun sports for our members. The instructors at The Gun Club are British School of Shooting or N.S.C.A. trained and certified instructors. They are all excellent instructors who can make you a better shooter or get new shooters started in the sport correctly and safely.

The Sporting Club’s rifle & pistol range has capability for members to shoot all manner of pistols and rifles. We have target positions from 15 to 800 yards and are equipped to handle up to .50BMG. Our instructors are all N.R.A. certified Range Safety Officers and rifle & pistol instructors. We make safety our priority while creating a fun atmosphere to shoot and learn in. We have several options available for longer range rifle work, and we have very good relationships with local shooting schools for more advanced instruction.

Hunting is nearly as important to the sporting life as fishing is, and our members have many opportunities throughout the year. Our hunting seasons are managed by the WVDNR and offer a wide array of game to hunt.

While we guide hunts for most of our local game animals upland bird hunting is by far the most popular. We have several options, most notably ruffed grouse and ring-necked pheasants. Our grouse hunts are all wild birds on a mix of public and private lands, over pointing dogs. You need to be in good shape for these hunts as the terrain can be quite challenging. Pheasant hunts are at Stoney Brook Plantation, a wing shooting preserve just a few minutes away in Monroe County WV. Hunts at Stoney Brook are for early release pheasants over pointing dogs.

Waterfowl hunting is available, either local hunts or destination hunting. Our members have exclusive access to Upper Brandon Plantation on the James River in Virginia, one of the Atlantic Flyway’s most historic properties. Hunts at Upper Brandon are destination hunts and are booked over three days. Local waterfowl hunting on the Greenbrier or New Rivers is available and we hunt a mix of river, pond, flooded timber, and fields.

Deer hunting is available to our members; we guide both archery and rifle hunts. Our archery season is long, and with the large deer herd we have in Greenbrier County there are plenty of chances to fill your tags. Rifle season is shorter, yet with the liberal tags available and concurrent antlerless hunting, it’s a great season to get out and fill some tags.

Spring gobbler hunts are available to our members and are a great way to combine a spring trout fishing trip with some hunting. We have a large and rapidly growing turkey population, combined with incredible habitat, creating an ideal turkey hunting location. We have a liberal bag limit in the spring season and the diverse habitat makes it possible to run and gun or hunt field edges out of a blind. Either way you choose, it is about as much excitement as you can pack into a spring morning.

Hunting and the shooting sports are an integral part of The Sporting Life. Our members can take full advantage of our location and the great habitat surrounding The Club to keep these traditions alive and pass them along to the next generation.