Fall is a special time on The Greenbrier Sporting Club and Greenbrier estate, as we get a front row seat to some of the most spectacular colors in the Alleghenies. From the valley floor, to 3,300 feet atop Greenbrier Mountain, you can see this wonderful display right from your backdoor!

Photo Credit: West Virginia State Parks & Forests

The leaves have already started to lose their chlorophyll, and we are beginning to see shades of brown, orange, and yellow, however peak time for foliage in Greenbrier County occurs mid-October. Colors begin to peak earlier in surrounding counties, according to West Virginia State Parks and Forests. Pocahontas County will see their peak coming up in late September, while Monroe County will see theirs after us. There are also wonderful national/state parks and forests around the area to visit, with one being right next door and few others being less than 1 ½ hours away. Greenbrier, Watoga, Monongahela, New River Gorge, Droop Mountain, Seneca, Babcock, and Moncove Lake are just a few you may want to check out!
When viewing fall foliage, it is important to know what trees produce what color. Some of the most popular trees that yield foliage in the yellow spectrum are Silver Maples, Walnuts, and Chestnut Oaks. Dogwoods, Sumac, and certain Oaks produce reds while some may produce brown. The Sugar Maple, Sassafras, and Sycamore feature a range of colors. (wvforestry.com) We recommend taking along a field guide to help identify, such as The National Audubon Society’s Field Guide to North American Trees.
And, if you are one of our Sporting Club members, not only will you enjoy nature’s annual event, there are some special events coming to The Club that we think you will also enjoy! The Summit Favorites Buffet is coming up on September 19, the same weekend as Member 3-Guest golf tournament. Our Inaugural GSC Concours d’Elegance and Snout-To-Tail will be held the first weekend of October, and Oktoberfest specials will be held at The Lodge and The Summit every Friday and Saturday. Of course, the annual Taste of Our Towns (T.O.O.T.) will be held in Lewisburg, featuring our famous Shrimp and Grits on October 10. Martias Garces Silva will be joining us on October 21 for a special lunch and wine maker discussion that you simply cannot miss! Last but not least, taking us into November, we have our annual Sporting Clays Weekend, Russell Fallstad joining us again on the 25th for a special music during dinner service at The Lodge, and Thanksgiving.
Sporting Club members, be sure to contact The Club Concierge at gscconcierge@greenbrier.com or 304-647-6440 for any dining and activity reservations or questions you may have. We look forward to welcoming you home this wonderful time of year!
If you haven’t visited for a while and are still in the market for a second home at The Greenbrier Sporting Club, then we encourage you to visit during this colorful time at the resort.