Have you ever wondered, as you tee off on The Snead, what this beautiful golf course of ours has served as in its former life? Well, it’s a storied piece of land, let me tell you. If only these greens could talk. I invite you on this journey back through history as we uncover all the many tales our award-winning course has to tell.
We’ll start off in today’s post by covering the years 1700 – 1920s.
Let’s begin at the beginning:
Hunting Grounds
* Prior to 1700s –
This was the favorite hunting ground of Shawnee, Cherokee and Seneca Indians.
Greenbrier Valley
* 1740s
The first explorer to set foot here was John Howard, who discovered this lush valley while following the Greenbrier River.
Bowyer's Tavern
* 1784
The land was deeded to Michael Bowyer, who started a fledgling health resort that would later become The Greenbrier.
View of Kate's Mountain
* 1870
Throughout the 19th century the area was farmed by the Copeland family, and then the McPherson family. Joel McPherson, who purchased the land in 1870, called his estate “Briarfield.”
Thornton Family - 1920
* 1920s
The land was owned by Thornton Lewis, a former railroad executive who was the President of The Greenbrier. He renamed the estate “The Meadows” and operated a large horse farm where horse shows were held annually. President William Howard Taft attended one of those horse shows.
Airport Strip
* 1929
The Greenbrier purchased the land from Thornton Lewis to create a landing strip.