Doug Balsley, Chairman of the Architectural Review Board, sketches a home idea for new buyers to take home to their architect.

With 11 years of direct experience with The Greenbrier Sporting Club’s Architectural Review Board, Linda Highlander, the club’s ARB administrator over the last 5 years, reveals 5 easy steps to a smooth ARB process. Designing and building your dream house is an extensive process. These easy tips will have you saving time getting approvals, allowing more for measuring the drapes to match your antique heart pine flooring.

1) Familiarize yourself with the Architectural Guidelines (Located Here). Knowing our design philosophy, approved materials, composition, detail & landscaping requirements prior to meeting with your architect will make for a productive first meeting.

2) Go sit on your lot. It can be difficult to visualize a home on a vacant property. Go sit on your lot for a while and discover what views captivate & inspire you—views you want to make sure you incorporate into your home design. Get a feel for your property and all the vignettes, vistas and view corridors it has to offer. The Chairman of the Architectural Review Board can meet you on site to discuss the site and design elements to help jumpstart your process. He can also sketch a rendering to provide your architect. Approved architects can be found here.

3) Use an ARB approved Architect. By using an ARB Approved Architect who is familiar with the ARB Approved Guidelines you will save yourself time and money in potential plan revisions and re-submissions. These architects are experienced in the submission process, are knowledgeable on what the ARB expects to see during the review, and can foresee and avoid design issues that may hold up your review process.

4) Submit Revisions Immediately. ARB requested revisions during the review process should be addressed by you and your architect as soon as possible. You do not have to wait until the next board meeting to re-submit the requested changes and they can be sent to us by your architect electronically for comment and/or approval before your next submission.

5) Post Approval changes MUST be submitted back to the ARB. Please remember that any exterior changes, including landscape, made after your Certificate of Competition has been issued, must be approved by the ARB prior to being implemented. Again, using one of the ARB Approved Architects, Builders or Landscape Designers who know the procedures for these types of Plans Changes insure a seamless and efficient process.

Linda Highlander, ARB Administrator, can be reached at 304.536.5330 or at