DPS - The Greenbrier Sporting Club
The GREEN in The Greenbrier Sporting Club is just part of the legacy of home ownership at The Greenbrier. Here are eight Earth Day Fun Facts:

1) The natural beauty of The Greenbrier landscape will be preserved and enhanced as The Sporting Club grows.
2) Houses are carefully sited and disturbed areas are limited to minimize their impact on the land.
3) Landscaping plans enhance the native habitat by using indigenous vegetation.
4) Wherever possible, trees are preserved and protected to enhance the beauty and value of properties within the estate.
5) In 2008, The Snead Course was recognized for environmental excellence and achieved designation as a “Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary.”
6) Our beautiful Allegheny Mountain setting, plus numerous Outdoor Pursuits Programs, enables members to take advantage of activities that take them outside, so that they can appreciate the nature and the history that surrounds them – it’s all about living the sporting life.
7) Our members are people who have a strong family connection and a committed sense of stewardship of the land.
8) Our overall goal is to maintain this property in the most environmentally friendly manner possible so that the natural surroundings will be here for future generations to enjoy – it’s all about the legacy that our members can leave to their children.