It’s hard to believe that construction on the Casino Club at The Greenbrier began only 10 months ago. Indeed, it’s a magnificent feat of construction. Photographer Mike Wyatt installed a time-lapse camera that captured the building process from the first shovel of dirt to the re-landscaping of the main entrance. Of particular interest in the below video, which squeezes the whole 10 months into a little over 3 minutes, are the massive snow storms we experienced in December of 2009 and January of 2010.

Some Raw Statistics of the construction of the Casino Club at The Greenbrier:

• There were 130,000 cubic yards of excavation with 18,000 cubic yards of dirt put back on the site
• Over 50,000 tons of stone were used
• Six tenths of a mile of cobblestone curbing were laid
• Over 70,000 brick pavers were used
• The project includes one mile of storm piping
• 17,060 Cubic yards of concrete were used (this is enough concrete to pave a sidewalk from The Greenbrier to Beckley)
• 980 tons of reinforcing steel were used
• 2,500 tons of structural steel were used in the project
• One mile of cast iron pipe, two miles of domestic water pipe and two miles of mechanical piping were used
• 65 miles of new fiber optic and copper data communication cables were installed.
• 92 tons of sheet metal were used
• 960 tons of cooling capacity was built
• 19 miles of conduit and 100 miles of wire were used
• 1.5 megawatts of power generation capability was built to handle emergency electrical needs
• Seven miles of crown molding are found throughout the project