Corie Lynch, The Greenbrier Sporting Club’s winter intern, presents the first installment of her series of “Reasons I Love The Greenbrier…And So Should You.”

You don’t have to be President Eisenhower to appreciate The Greenbrier and all the activities it has to offer. Both the indoor and outdoor events are worth the time it takes to leave your cell phone in your room to really escape the daily grind. The options are almost endless, with mountain ranges and creeks in abundance everywhere the eye can see. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with The Greenbrier Sporting Club’s Director of Outdoor Pursuits Jacob Ott for a fly fishing tutorial. One second I’m meeting Jacob and rounding up the supplies while admiring the 77-year-old hunting cabin on the Snead golf course, and the next second I’m thigh deep in the ice-cold water of Howard’s Creek. Needless to say, the experience was incredible. Being in the calm tranquility of nature for a change, yet being just a short distance from civilization (in case the fish ganged up and attacked me) is really a great way to spend the perfect vacation. I strongly believe I would not have had the same amazing experience had I just gone alone, especially since I am clearly not the outdoors-y type. Jacob was very familiar with the outdoors in general and of course was ready for the thousands of questions I asked about fly fishing. I liked it so much, I asked for a fishing rod instead of clothes this year for Christmas. Now that’s dedication.