2016 Chili Cook-off172
White Sulphur Springs, WV – January 21, 2016: Love of chili and charity kept the good times flowing at The Greenbrier Sporting Club’s 4th Annual Cabin Fever Chili Cook-off, which raised $6,867 for local charities.
Five teams comprised of members of The Greenbrier Sporting Club and their guests traveled in from near and far for the event held on Saturday, January 16, 2016, as did a regional beer company from Roseland, Virginia, Devils Backbone Brewing Company, along with local Appalachian Soul musicians, Black King Coal.
“It was a great day and a lot of folks joined us to warm up their bellies and their souls!” said Clay Elkins, Director of Food & Beverage at The Greenbrier Sporting Club. “We raised almost $7,000 for local charities and had a great time doing it. What’s best is a lot of the conversations that were started and connections made.”
To participate, each team of members from The Greenbrier Sporting Club picked a charity, devised a theme for their team, and paid an entry fee of $200 per team. The teams competed in two categories, “Best Chili” (“People’s Choice” and “Chef’s Choice” divisions) and “Team Spirit.” In order to win “People’s Choice,” members’ peers were in control of the vote, while the guest chef, Chris Foley, from the Culinary program at Greenbrier West High School, had control over the “Chef’s Choice.” Both divisions for “Best Chili” were rewarded the top three places. 1st place received 25% of the winnings followed by 2nd place with 15% and 3rd place with 10%. The “Team Spirit” award went to the team/charity with the most money provided by their peers as they cast their votes into a mason jar at their team’s booth.
The teams began inside The Greenbrier Sporting Club’s Lodge on Saturday, January 16 at 10am. Cooking took place from 11am (no ingredients were allowed to be pre-cooked for an even cooking field) and tasting began at 2pm.
After a long day of cooking and tasting chili, the winners were announced with Team: ‘Hot Damn Chili’ (benefiting charity: High Rocks) taking top honors for “People’s Choice” and “Team Spirit,” and Team: ‘Puppy Love’ (benefiting charity: Child & Youth Advocacy Center) for “Chef’s Choice.”
“The Chili Cook-off boasted dynamite chili and dynamic people,” said Sarah Riley, Executive Director at High Rocks Educational Corporation. “It was a great chance to connect with supporters, new and old, both from the local community and The Sporting Club community. It’s nice to know there are so many people who are supportive of local causes! We’re using our funds to help start a new youth café in downtown Lewisburg for all the young folks of the Greenbrier Valley. Thanks to Clay Elkins and the other great people at The Sporting Club for connecting great local charities with The Club.”
United Way of the Greenbrier Valley was honored to be a part of The Greenbrier Sporting Club’s charity Chili Cook-off,” said Erin Hurst, Executive Director at United Way of Greenbrier Valley. “What a fun way to spend a Saturday with good friends, and every cent going to charity! We look forward to being a regular at this event.”
“The Chili Cook-off for Charity is such a wonderful event,” said Katherine Thompson, Executive Director at Child and Youth Advocacy Center “We are so grateful to The Greenbrier Sporting Club, our sponsors, and everyone who donated for their generous support of our work with children and families. Every dollar we receive goes directly to fight child abuse and assist neglect victims in Greenbrier, Monroe, and Pocahontas Counties. Without the support of our community and organizations like the Greenbrier Sporting Club, we couldn’t do what we do.”

Full results listed below:
Team Spirit Winner – TEAM ‘Hot Damn Chili’ (Charity: High Rocks Educational Corporation)
People’s Choice Winners:
1st Place – TEAM ‘Hot Damn Chili’ (Charity: High Rocks Educational Corporation)
2nd Place – TEAM ‘Eat Chili. Live United.’ (Charity: United Way of Greenbrier Valley)
3rd Place – TEAM ‘Cahora Bassa Chili’ (Charity: Greenbrier Humane Society)
Chef’s Choice Winners:
1st Place – TEAM ‘Puppy Love’ (Charity: Child & Youth Advocacy Center)
2nd Place – TEAM ‘Cahora Bassa Chili’ (Charity: Greenbrier Humane Society)
3rd Place – TEAM ‘Hot Damn Chili’ (Charity: High Rocks Educational Corporation)