Names: Harry & Carrie Bell
Children: Derek Bell
Primary Home: Charleston, WV
Occupation: Attorney at Law
Activities of Interest: golf, walking, WVU sports, sports cars, and travel

Q: How did you first become aware of The Greenbrier and our real estate opportunities?
A: I had been coming to The Greenbrier, off and on since the 70’s and always enjoyed the ambiance. We honeymooned here in 1997 and first toured and looked at The Greenbrier Sporting Club (GSC), in 2005.
Q: What attracted you to become a member at The Greenbrier Sporting Club? What were you looking for in a club?
A: We loved that it was so convenient to our home and that so much was on property. The level of activities is amazing and we have found the staff exceptional in making the GSC a true home away from home. The golf is so well laid out, challenging and is in excellent shape and the facilities are first rate. Dining is world class and with the amenities of the hotel and all it offers, it can be as exciting or as laid back as we desire. The GSC events and activities offer so much fun as we really enjoy meeting other members in the many varied events.
Q: What does The Sporting Club have that other communities do not?
A: Exceptional people at all levels. Truly a level of service which is the best. We are also fortunate to own on Kiawah Island, SC and are members at The Kiawah Island Club, another great property but we have to say the GSC is truly where we feel at home.
Q: How often did you visit The Greenbrier before purchasing real estate?
A: Off and on for several years.
Q: How often do you visit The Greenbrier Sporting Club now since becoming a member?
A: We average at least one weekend a month, and certainly more in Spring and Summer. Though winter getaways are so relaxing and beautiful. Of course we are here for The Greenbrier Classic, it is an exceptionally fun time. We are looking forward to hopefully seeing ski runs someday! We love hosting friends and family as our guests as well. It is perfect for entertaining. Our dear friends from Australia have been here twice and want to come back again and again.
Q: What drew you specifically to your real estate purchase in The Ridges and Howard’s Creek neighborhoods?
A: While we first purchased up in The Ridges and still own a lot there, once Derek came along, we have found Howard’s Creek to be just the perfect spot. Regardless of playing in the yard, riding bikes, skipping rocks in the mill pond or just relaxing, it is so well located we can walk to the hotel or to downtown White Sulphur Springs and just enjoy an ideal setting with a stunning view.
Q: What legacy do you hope to create with your family at The Greenbrier Sporting Club?
A: Being able to spend quality time, both together and with friends and family, in such a glorious setting is special. West Virginia is a wonderful place and the GSC is truly the best of West Virginia. My son and I may even try some unique sports car projects in our new garage at our Howard’s Creek home, which will be wonderful bonding and educational time, for both of us. It is just special that we first brought Derek here when he was ten days old in 2006 and now, he is enjoying growing up and meeting new friends from all over, at the GSC.
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Q: Why do you believe now is a good time to build at The Greenbrier Sporting Club?
A: The quality of the builders in WV are exceptional. With interest rates as low as they are, now is a wonderful time to start building your dream home as the craftsman and designers we have worked with are very special.
Q: Did you find the building process efficient?
A: Yes! Thanks to a great architect and great builders!
Q: What was the inspiration that led to the architectural design of your home?
A: We loved working with Mark McConnell of McConnell and Ewing. They have helped us in several ways, on several projects, including on our home in Charleston and we have found Mark just knows how to bring out the best in design.
Q: How did you come to choose the specific neighborhood in which to build?
A: We looked for the right feel of setting, privacy and location.
Q: What factors led to the directional orientation of your home (i.e. morning golf view, sunsets)?
A: The view of the mountains.
Q: What architectural, building, landscape and/or interior design firms did you use and why did you choose them specifically?
A: We love McConnell & Ewing as architects! They have been exceptional, great quality, great design and they are so good, so honest and so helpful. They make the process go so smoothly. For contractors, we have worked with both Agsten Fine Homebuilding and with Paul Loos. Exceptional builders, first class all the way and so professional and helpful. It has been fun, first doing a home on Buchannan Ridge and now, doing a garage and remodeling in Howard’s Creek. In all instances, it has been fun and a great way to really get the custom home we want. For both projects, we have worked with Pat Bibbee interiors from Charleston. Her eye for color, arrangement and style is unmatched. Her son is a former tennis pro at the hotel and Pat is not only a dear friend, but is one of the most well featured interior designers nationally, and all right here in West Virginia.
Carolyn Stephens and Bobby Sams have seen to it our landscaping is in great shape.

Q: What’s a specific feature of your home/homesite that you enjoy (or will enjoy) the most?
A: Stunning view, great fireplace, luxurious chairs and the fact that it is a true livable home.