Last year, vacation home sales across the U.S. hit levels not seen since boom times. Comprising one in every 10 real estate transactions in 2009, vacation homes actually saw an increase in 2010, with communities like Cape Cod growing 9% from 2009, and Lake Naomi, in the Poconos Mountains, up an astounding 15 percent.
“Buyers who qualify or can pay cash say this is the time to take the plunge,” writes S. Mitra Kalita of The Wall Street Journal. “(And) sellers have become aware that they have to price their homes accordingly. There’s a perk in the market because a lot of prices have come down to where they should be.”
At The Greenbrier Sporting Club, purchases are up 42% against the first eight weeks of 2010. Add to that the record occupancy rates at the hotel recently and maturation of last year’s brand new amenities and The Greenbrier is poised for a great year, in both real estate purchases and resort occupancy.
As the resort continues to grow, buyers continue to view The Greenbrier Sporting Club as a way to become part of history and as a place where they can come and create their own legacy for generations to come.

Parts of this story appeared in The Wall Street Journal, January 10, 2011.