For The Boyles Family, it was about roots, and coming back to a place their family has already enjoyed for years. See how you to can create memories to last a lifetime at The Greenbrier.

Names: Dr. Glenn A. Boyles and Dr. Laura Withers-Boyles
Children: Mackenzie Boyles and Katherine Boyles
Primary Home: Fairmont, WV

Q: How did you first become aware of The Greenbrier and our real estate opportunities?
A: My wife is from White Sulphur Springs, and we knew that this was the place for a second home.
Q: What attracted you to become a member at The Greenbrier Sporting Club? What were you looking for in a club?
A: We wanted to find a place that had year-round activities. Golf and tennis are important to our family. We felt that The Sporting Club was a perfect place to entertain guests that want to visit.
Q: What does The Sporting Club have that other communities do not?
A: Year-round activities.
Q: How often did you visit The Greenbrier before purchasing real estate?
A: 1 or 2 times a year.
Q: How often to you visit The Greenbrier Sporting Club now since becoming a member?
A: 1 or 2 times per month.
Q: What legacy do you hope to create with your family at The Greenbrier Sporting Club?
A: We want a second residence that our family can join together as we get older, a place that feels like home, where our family can be excited to congregate.