Photo credit: Allen Henry

For the Watson Family, it is all about creating a legacy for their children and future generations to come. Read below to find out why they chose The Greenbrier Sporting Club to do just that, and how the building process is coming along!

Names: Bubba and Angie Watson
: Caleb Watson
Primary Home: Isleworth, Windermere Florida

Q: What makes you most excited about being a member of The Greenbrier Sporting Club?
A: The Bubba tees!
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Q: What does The Greenbrier and The Greenbrier Sporting Club mean to you and your family?
A: It is a place where we hope to build lasting memories. We look forward to spending the summers here enjoying the great weather and all the outdoor activities. We’ve heard the hotel goes all out for Christmas so we will definitely spend a few holidays here too.
Q: What legacy do you hope to create with your family at The Greenbrier Sporting Club?
A: I hope that this becomes a place that gives us lots quality time together as a family. We would love nothing more than to see our kids continue to come here and eventually, their kids.
Q: What activities and amenities do you envision yourself using most here? (Besides golf of course!)
A: The pool! Caleb loves the water so I think we’ll spend most of our time there. And, since our family loves basketball so much, I think we’ll be spending a lot of time at The Summit basketball court.
Q: What do you think makes The Greenbrier Sporting Club most unique in comparison to other resort communities in America?
A: I think the history, the people and the setting make it so unique. There is so much to do all year round and I love being a part of a place that has so much character in it. It says a lot about a place when generation after generation continues working here!
Q: Is there a unique aspect of your home that you are most looking forward to?
A: I think I am most excited about the fire pit. It’s going to be at the very end of our lot, overlooking the valley. It will be a great way to unwind and teach Caleb how to make s’mores!
Q: What led to the design of your home? Any specific inspirations?
A: My wife and I always wanted a mountainside cabin and we really liked the look of an old barn, so we started with that. We also wanted a big stone fireplace that would be the focal point when you walked in and an open floor plan. Since the weather is so nice most of the year, we wanted a lot of outdoor living space so we have a wrap around porch and of course the fire pit!