Neighbors Loving Neighbors Update
We at Neighbors Loving Neighbors have been working diligently to do our best to help all of those impacted by the June 23 floods throughout West Virginia get back on their feet and begin what will be a long recovery process.
With your help, we have already been able to make a major impact in several communities throughout West Virginia.
In our own backyard, we have teamed with organizations such as the West Virginia National Guard, Mennonite Disaster Services, Glenn Beck’s Mercury One, Gleaning for the World, and the West Virginia Department of Homeland Security – all under the umbrella of the West Virginia Volunteer Organizations Assisting in Disaster. These organizations have worked in White Sulphur Springs to demolish irreparable homes, repair homes that could be repaired and rebuild. Currently, there are 32 repairs ongoing and additional homes are under construction. More families are being added to that list every day. I encourage you to go online to and click on the Press Room link at the bottom of the screen to read our Aug. 26 press release for more details on this project.
ConstructionThis is only the start. This same template is being used throughout West Virginia, providing help and hope to as many people as we can impact.
In addition, we are currently in the process of rebuilding a gymnasium in the Nicholas County community of Richwood, giving the youth of the town a place to socialize and exercise and providing a facility where community members can come together and put their problems aside, if only for a few moments.
Area churches have also received funding from Neighbors Loving Neighbors to help address immediate needs in their respective communities.

There is still a great deal of work to be done, and the scars from June 23 will forever remain with the people of this great state. But with your help, we are making a difference and helping so many get back on their feet.Building

Thank you so much for your continued support and for your prayers for those who have lost businesses, homes and lives in this terrible disaster.

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