Earlier this week, American home buyers received some great news – nearly 50-year lows for domestic mortgage rates. Mortgage news like this only reiterates our point that “There has never been a better time to buy at The Greenbrier.”
To that end, The Greenbrier Sporting Club has partnered with banks and financial institutions that can provide great financing opportunities for those looking to purchase a home or homesite. In addition to conventional loans and ARMs, our relationships with these institutions develop opportunities for “creative financing,” where customers can finance up to 100% of their customized loan through their current assets.
“My Team and I meet with bankers nearly every week,” says Broker in Charge John Klemish. “We discuss rates and loan packages and the bank’s desire to loan money to our buyers. Because of the pedigree of The Greenbrier, borrowing money for real estate purchases is made easy.”
The Wall Street Journal reported on May 24 that “many in the industry now say rates could drift as low a 4.5 percent this summer…making for significantly lower payments for Americans buying homes.” Couple that good news with The Greenbrier’s new gaming and entertainment complex and The Greenbrier Classic, and you have what we would call a hat trick for any new home buyer.