The Keller family at their Sporting Club home in the Howard's Creek neighborhood

Gary Keller & Mary Pfluger
John Keller (19)
Primary Home:
Austin, TX
Chairman of the Board, Keller Williams Realty
Activities Of Interest:
Fly fishing, golf, hiking, swimming, skeet, bowling, taking in a movie and enjoying The Greenbrier culinary experience

Q: How did you first become aware of The Greenbrier and our real estate opportunities?

A: Every summer we would take a family trip to a different destination resort. Once we experienced The Greenbrier we quit going to other places.

Q: What attracted you to become a member at The Greenbrier Sporting Club (GSC)? What were you looking for in a club?
A: We simply love The Greenbrier and all it offers. Becoming a homeowner and a club member simply gave us roots with a deeper connection to The Greenbrier and much greater access to all that it offers. Being a member enhances our experience tremendously.

Q: What do you feel GSC offers that other communities do not?
A: It offers more than any other community we ever visited.

Q: How often does the Keller Family visit The Greenbrier and The Greenbrier Sporting Club?
A: We try to get there several times a year to enjoy the different seasons.

Q: What drew you specifically to your home purchase in our Howard’s Creek neighborhood?
A: We love being close to the hotel and amenities. Plus being able to step out our front door and go for a wonderful walk or step out our back and fly fish is heaven for us.

Q: What do you and your family enjoy doing while you’re home at The Sporting Club?
A: Every activity offered—from fly fishing to golf to shooting clays to hiking.

Q: What legacy do you hope to create with your family at The Greenbrier Sporting Club?
A: Great memories!