Adam Perry, Assistant Golf Professional at The Greenbrier Sporting Club

Here we go again! It’s November, and for most of us that means colder temperatures, snow on the ground and our golf clubs stuck in the garage. Well, shake off the frost, because I have three ways for you stay in touch with your golf game, keep good habits and improve your golf swing for The Snead’s Opening Day in 2020.

1. Putt Wherever & Whenever: A synthetic mat with an actual hole is your best bet for trying to recreate the pace and feel of a real putting green. Short of that, a coffee mug on your living room carpet will do.It might not make you the best putter out there, but spending 10 – 15 minutes a day for three months hitting dead straight six-footers will at least make you think you’re a better putter. And that, we all know, is half the battle.

2. Playing Golf on a Simulator: The beauty of hitting golf shots into a simulator is just a short drive away; all you must do is sign up with Billy Winter at The Greenbrier! Billy opens his Golf Simulator to the members of The Greenbrier Sporting Club in mid-November and will be open through March. This simulator has multiple options, from virtual driving range to the newly added Old White TPC! Yes, you read that correctly, this off-season they have just added all 18 holes from Old White TPC. Whether you’re looking to play 18 holes of virtual golf or just hit golf balls on a virtual driving range, you can continue hitting golf shots during the winter months.

3. 100 Golf Swings a Day: During the offseason, sometimes the best way to groove your swing is to repeat it without worrying where the golf ball is headed. If you have high ceilings, a heated garage or have time to come over to the Fitness Center where The Club provides you with range balls and a hitting net, you can practice your swing indoors! 100 golf swings a day will take you less than 15 minutes and the benefits you will reap are tremendous. The new 2020 golf season will be here before we know it. Take advantage of the indoor golf amenities The Greenbrier and The Club offer during the off-season months. I encourage you to continue to work on your golf game with these three simple practice drills, which will ultimately lead you to better swings and lower scores!